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9 Ways to Know Joy. Now.


Joyful People

The work Aimee does is amazing. Joy work. It is so rare to find such a completely sparkling and refreshing energy anywhere.

Augusta Rieber-munir, Music and Movement Teacher, Turkey

Aimee is insightful, dedicated, energetic, positive and brilliant. A true gem and someone I would love to work with or hire anytime.

Mary Fraser, Change Maker, Health Consultant at Mary Fraser

Aimee has a natural ability to make you feel completely at ease and accepted as you are and helps you realize your true inner beauty. As she encourages your own individuality, Aimee helps you come to the realization that you truly are exceptional, to trust and accept your eternal greatness and the amazing power of the soul and Spirit. Aimee helps you realize that it is not just okay to be you; but that you are bountiful, intrinsic and beautiful, outside and in, and to never second-guess or debate that fact. She creates a place, a space, for you to realize this. My many thanks to you Aimee for helping me to realize all this about myself and more. You honestly and truly are a continuing answer to my prayers!

Sarah Adamson, Psychic Medium, Writer and Speaker

Aimee has a compassionate and healing personality. Her book is an easy read and helps others who have gone through grief. Her voice is gentle and encouraging.

Maureen Devine, Professional Soul Coach®, RN, Past Life Coach® Oracle Card Reader at Anamcara Journey

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