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9 Ways to Know Joy. Now.


About Me

The year I turned 30 started out fantastic. My husband of five years, Ben, surprised me with a trip to Iceland. It was magical, the food, the geothermal pools, watching the Northern lights dance in the sky…

I thought it would be my best year, but I was blissfully oblivious to what was ahead.

Just over halfway through the year, Ben was killed in an accident, only a few months following my father losing his battle with cancer. It was a wake up call. Life as I knew it was completely transformed and repositioned. Feeling as though I had suddenly earned a PhD in sadness, I had no idea how to uncover joy. And I needed help.

We all find ourselves at a loss at some point in our lives, whether it is a death, a divorce, a loss of health or a loss of your sense of self.
I love this quote from Milton Erickson: “Life will bring you pain all by itself. Your responsibility is to create joy.” That responsibility can be overwhelming at times. That’s why I’m here to help you through and create joy.

Outrageous, all-consuming,
fully-embodied joy.

When I was in my deepest state of grief, well-intentioned people kept telling me “Time heals all wounds.”

I know they meant well. But time wasn’t going to change anything. It was only when I started taking action that I began to heal and create a joyful life I loved.

And I took a lot of actions:

  • I trained to become a certified raw vegan chef at Living Light Culinary Institute and Matthew Kenney Academy.
  • I started my own business.
  • I became a certified soul coach with Denise Linn.
  • I began speaking and teaching classes.
  • I published my first book, Keep Going: From Grief to Growth in September 2013.
  • I fell in love again and got remarried (I proposed!).

Just a few years ago, joy was a concept that did not apply. True, all-consuming happiness seemed far away and impossible. I learned that it wasn’t only impossible, but it was within my reach, within ME all along. Let me help you to remember what joy feels like. Let me guide you back to your own radical experience of joy.

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