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9 Ways to Know Joy. Now.



I love to speak and inspire people to begin to awaken into radical joy. I can customize a speech or lecture based on you or your organization’s needs. Samples of speaking topics are below:

Unleash the JOY Within

Are you waiting for something in your life so you can start living? Perhaps you are waiting for the perfect partner, the child, the career, the ‘ideal’ body. Maybe you are waiting for the grief to pass as time moves on.

If you are going through the motions, blind to the full experience of joy, it’s time to wake up and begin to know what true happiness feels like.

During this talk, I will share with you the secrets of waking up to joy. Now.

Keep Going: From Grief to Growth

You’ve been going through the grief and are out of the great fog that once surrounded you. You know there is life at the end of the tunnel. But where is the light? What do you want this new chapter of your life to look like? And how can you get there?

During this talk, I will share with you the essentials to ease your path as you begin this new journey and uncover joy along the way.

Let Go & Love Your Body

Stop the battle you have with your body.

In this talk, you will learn how to infuse your life with more JOY and fall back in love with your body, no diets or deprivation required!

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