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9 Ways to Know Joy. Now.


The Book

What would you do if your whole world collapsed? My father had lost his long battle with cancer only a few weeks earlier when I accompanied my husband Ben from our home in London to a special store on Oxford Street. Ben had dreamed of designing his own pair of sneakers for a long time, but we could never quite justify the cost. Losing someone made living in the moment all the more important. Ben’s face lit up among the variety of vibrant colors and various designs. “What words would you like on the shoes?” asked the salesperson. His brow crinkled deep with thought and then the words came to him with a smile. “Keep going”. Ben never got to wear those sneakers. He left the earth suddenly just two months later. His message lives on and the love we shared helped me learn four life-changing lessons:

  • Love never dies.
  • Look for your rainbows.
  • Leap into possibility.
  • And whatever you do: Keep Going! You may be surprised at what lies ahead.

Book Tour! “Uncovering the Joy in Every City”

I’ve been so touched by the response I’ve received from readers of my book,

Keep Going: From Grief to Growth. I’ve heard from:

  • Widows and divorcees who are in the midst of rebuilding their lives
  • Single women who are wanting more love in their lives (this one surprised me)
  • Married women who are looking to reignite the spark in their marriages

See what others are saying about Keep Going: From Grief to Growth here

It’s given them hope.

It’s made them happy.

And it has helped them to Keep Going

into Joy!

After seeing how much it has touched people, the hubster and I decided it was time for us to leap into possibility and share this JOYFUL message far and wide.

So… in April 2014 we sold our non-essentials, packed up our Prius and hit the road on an unconventional book tour! We shared the JOY in each city we saw, and connected with amazing people in each state.

We shared with you:

  • JOYshops and book signings
  • Listen & Glisten sessions with local Nia instructors and yoga studios
  • How to ignite JOY in your body, mind and soul
  • And all the local JOYful places to eat, shop and play!

Just think of me as your Joy Catalyst!

The journey took us across the country and back over the course of nine months. Now our JOYride continues as we housesit across the country and offer various live and online events.

See all destinations and dates, and inquire or booking a personal or corporate event here.

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Come join us on the #JOYride (insert music from 90’s pop duo, Roxette).

See what others are saying about Keep Going: From Grief to Growth here

Hop on the

JOYride with us!


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